Soultion Framework

Using MS Teams & MS SharePoint, ITE Corp. developed an intranet inside Teams to reduce time for enterprise between separated systems. Our Solution include the following (Custom Design for SharePoint, Vacation Request, Medical Portal, Skill Matrix, Company Profile, Departments, Welcome Kit, Employee Handbook, Paperwork Automations,…….)

  • Q&A Chatbots:
  • Using MS Azure and MS AI services ITE Corp. build chatbots to our customers to reduce time and cost to answer FAQ with an AI engine to ensure answering any question within the knowledge base integrated with MS Teams.

  • ITE Corp. Chatbot:
  • Using MS bot service, ITE Corp. Develop a new Chatbot engine to assist enterprise to take actions within the chat bot channel such as open case or request a vacation integrated with MS Teams and all systems inside the enterprise.

  • IoT People Tracking:
  • Using Internet of Things technology, ITE Corp. has built its products for people tracking purposes, such product is a valuable when it comes to criticality of tracking Managers, Doctors, Patients, Workers, ..etc. while a complete dashboards and reporting that serve the efficiently decision-making process. Sample use cases:

  • Airport passenger tracking system
  • Hospital doctors tracking

  • IoT Asset Tracking:
  • Many industries and sectors are seeking to secure and keep track of their assets, ITE Corp. has built its product for asset tracking, where it is highly beneficial for keep track of any kind of assets, luggage with reporting services and dashboards. Sample use cases:

  • Oil barrel status tracking
  • Smart parking
  • Moodle is a Learning Platform - a free Open-Source software package designed to help educators create effective online learning. ITE Corp. customize and deliver the following services (Requirement Gathering, Gap Analysis, Implementation, Customization, Development, Integrations, Rolling-out, Training and Adoption Services.)

    Integrated inside MS Teams with Single Sign on