Development Professional Services

Develop enterprise portals for Internet and intranet, based on Teams and SharePoint

Power Apps, Develop Native Mobile Apps (iOS & Android)

Develop interactive reports and dashboard

Specialized chatbots based on industry needs

Provide data analytics, warehouses and knowledge mining services

Develop integrations components and connectors

Develop Software Applications using MS Stack

Build IoT Solutions based on Azure IoT

Implement Govern access, SSO, ID Protection and user provisioning.

Implement and localize MS solutions and open sources

Deploy MS solutions and implementing roll-out plans

Develop UI/UX projects and consultancies

Develop marketing campaigns on different channels

Provide MS Solutions Trainings and Dev. Trainings

Provide Consultations on Digital Transformation, SW Dev, SW management., Open Source.

Provide Complete programs for adoption and change management for MS Solutions and Others.

Provide continues support for all solutions