QS Solutions (CSAT)

Cyber Security Assessment based on CIS standards

Authorized partner for QS Solutions-CSAT tool that provides insights about client’s vulnerabilities and provides recommendations and action plan for security improvement.

QS Solutions - CSAT

Cyber Security Assessment based on CIS standards by leveraging QS Solutions partnership .

Organizations are looking for a way to check their security status quickly and simply. They want insight into their vulnerabilities, based on data from the company infrastructure, Microsoft 365 and Azure. The Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) from QS solutions provides this through automated scans and analyses. This is the basis on which the CSAT provides recommendations and an action plan to improve your security. It’s the perfect way to maximize security and demonstrate that your organization takes security seriously.

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The Cyber Security Assessment Tool (CSAT) is a software product developed by seasoned security experts to quickly assess the current status of your organizations security and recommend improvements based on facts. The tool collects relevant security data from the hybrid IT environment by scanning e.g. endpoints, Active Directory, Microsoft 365 and Azure. Additionally, CSAT uses a questionnaire to collect data about organizational controls, policies and other key indicators.

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