ITE Corp

Management Team

Aisha Mostafa

Chief Executive Officer

Back on 1987; When a Visionary and a Believer decided to build a premium quality IT Solutions and Service company, ITE Corp was launched (Formerly known as Sarhank Group). Since then, we at ITE Corp have been enjoying sustained, fruitful business relation that was built on a solid base called “Partnership”.


The business we shaped, the achievements we accomplished, and our distinctive footprints in the IT market, created a raw-model for others to follow; all and much more confirmed the vision of Moustapha Sarhank and the Beliefs of Mohamed Sarhank; Personally, I was Lucky to start the journey with them on 1989.



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Thanks to their unique and unified vision, mission and philosophy, the Success Story was initiated, and executed by hands and minds of the backbone of our company, our sincere, talented and competent human assets, they have been always the prime pillar of ITE Corp, combining forces and driving us towards achievements, no matter what circumstances affecting the market, ITE Corp is always a winner with its loyal staff members.


What actually distinguished us among others was not only the achievements driven by our team, our customer’s satisfaction, trust and support, or the solutions we build with our technology partners; but also and on top of that, our business ethics and principles that we all respect and value at ITE Corp., built on honesty, integrity, transparency and trust with all stakeholders; applying those values in managing our business, gives us the chance to lay the foundation of unique long relationship with our valued business partners.


I deeply believe that our big success is in shifting the business relationship with all parties from its traditional state to a kind of partnership, we seek together the success, the value, the return, the security and the stability of our business.


“We touch the core/need, then we build the bond “


As the CEO managing an IT Service solution company in the digital transformation Era, I believe that technology is there to help Human beings, digital transformation is a process for THEM to excel; we can digitalize everything, but we should not forget Our Core & our Human values; how we feel for each other and how we appreciate others.


Personally, I’m grateful to all my partners of success/colleagues, customers and vendors, for the unprecedented impact we do to market, and the wide-ranging success we keep over the time, and I look forward to your continued support and patronage.



Management Team

Khadiga Mostafa

Chief Commercial Officer

Mohsen Edris

Finance Manager

Yasser Hosseiny

Operations Manager