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The transformation of IT Services focuses mainly on leveraging modern technology to simplify and automate the process of managing complex IT infrastructure to optimize cost and increase productivity of the IT services.

The pressure to reduce IT costs, combined with the emerging trend in providing IT as a service has created a compelling need for Digital Transformation.

Cloud computing is here to stay, and IT organizations can’t afford to ignore this wave, the growing demand for mobile and remote workforce is pushing IT to offer “IT Infrastructure as a Service” in order to become competitive on both cost and agility, and it adds a new dimension of security and availability of business-critical applications and data.

Transforming a Data Center is not a one size fits all for all organization, and public cloud is not the answer to all questions, a tailored data center transformation plan must consider multiple functional and technical factors to reach the optimum transformation strategy, evaluating different public, private or hybrid cloud options and assuring lowest cost of ownership with maximum application up time.

The modern data center consists of numerous various vital components all working together to facilitate the delivery of information.

Now, more than ever before, the data center has truly become the heart of any organization. Big or small – the current growing reliance on data center environments is evident. During this growth, many administrators began to adopt technologies which directly revolved around efficiency. In some cases it was better cooling systems and power capabilities – in other cases is efficiency revolved around high-density computing platforms.

Now, many data centers are being tasked with new types of technological requirements. This can range from hosting a virtual desktop infrastructure to running a cloud platform. Many organizations are now adopting some type of cloud model. Whether it’s public, private, hybrid or community – businesses are seeing benefits in a cloud computing platform. The bottom line is this: To truly transform your data center you will need a holistic framework.

At ITE Corp. we help you planning for smooth and efficient transformation through the following Services:

  • Cloud Strategy and Planning.

  • Private Cloud Build and Transformation.

  • Public and Hybrid Cloud Transformation.

  • Cloud Optimization.

  • Data Protection and High Resiliency/Availability

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