Licensing Solutions

Licensing Solutions

Forty to forty five percent of the Enterprise Agreement (EA) in Egypt is covered by ITE Corp. Also to add to our track record, we were the first company in Egypt and the Middle East to sell:
  • Microsoft products starting in 1986 – 1990.
  • Oracle starting in 1991-1996.
  • Internet Security System (ISS) starting in 1997-2005.
  • Starting in 2006 and until now we are also an Autodesk partner.


About content based from the LSP of Microsoft: Microsoft holds a strict criteria for a company to become a Microsoft Licensing Solution Provider (LSP).

We have been working closely with Microsoft since 1986 and are proud to be one of the only three companies in Egypt to acquire this license.


The Autodesk desktop app replaced the previous in-product update components and the Autodesk Application Manager. (Application Manager was discontinued in March 2016.) This software eliminates the need to independently search for updates from multiple sources about your product or service.

Autodesk collects the following information from your computer:
  • Unique ID– Assigns a unique ID to each product license. This ID is not associated with a specific person or user profile.
  • Product ID and license type– Specifies which products are used and how they are licensed.
  • Product launch and close time– Indicates when and for how long each product is used.
  • Interactions- Records mouse movements, clicks, and keyboard entries while on Autodesk desktop app.