Productivity Solutions

Productivity Solutions

You can upload onto the Cloud Drive allowing you to share with other users. You can also create groups and put multiple e-mails, and calendars which is especially helpful in the business office setting to know when certain people have appointments/meetings.
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Unified Communications
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security
  • Digital Workplace


The cloud allows employees to work from anywhere at any time and from any device. This means that security measures have to be taken beyond the physical premises of a business by using Identify and Access Management (IAM). The system secures and manages user identity, and only grants access with authorized permission. Some analytics is also done in Azure itself. It also easily integrates with other Microsoft products and provides frequent updates and upgrades to fix any issues at hand.


As the workforce becomes more and more mobile, the risk of data breaches also increases. In its package of Enterprise Mobility and Security Management (EMS) Microsoft has incorporated a range of security and identity tools, Identify-driven security secures your enterprise fast which you need because 63% of confirmed data breaches involve weak, default and stolen passwords.


This is phone system used by major enterprises to manage all tools and platforms through one system. Applications include instant messaging, email, voicemail, CRM tools, cloud-based and mobile apps and video conferencing tools.


As the workplace becomes digital, the entire workforce and upper management need to collaborate in new and efficient ways. Leading organizations on the public and private front adapt a digital strategy to be able to manage the rapid changes happening in all industries.

With information overflow and the need for speed, companies cannot survive nor can employees be productive without a digital strategy. A digital workplace embraces all the technologies that help the staff to be more efficient, be it from email, to messaging, to portals and intranets.