Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions


Since its beginning, cloud-based solutions have improved efficiency greatly, minimized costs, and increased system flexibility. The benefits are several, such as: Increased capacity, scalability, functionality, and reduced maintenance and cost for computer infrastructure. There is no downtime when implementing the system, meaning business continues as usual.


With Azure, everything is central and easily managed. Being a flexible cloud platform, Azure offers the possibility to build applications within a short while and at the same time deploy and manage it on the platform for access of other users on the cloud network. Inside each installed item (website, VM, SQL Server, etc.), there will be options that you can configure.

It is user-friendly and provides user friendly options for data capture and analysis. Microsoft Azure is used to manage larger data sets across entities. The software addresses the need for multiple users to have access to multiple different data sets simultaneously. Users vouch for Azure’s preciseness for data visualization and analytics.

Some analytics is also done in Azure itself. It also easily integrates with other Microsoft products and provides frequent updates and upgrades to fix any issues at hand.


The cloud is the most reliable system to use for backup and storage. Before the cloud, backup and storage was usually a CD or external hard drive. With cloud backup and storage if there is a system crash or data loss, all backed up data is available for restore. In addition, these services have rollback features in case there is data loss or accidental file deletion.

Azure backup gives you the modern approach for backing up your on premise infrastructure. Your backups are kept off-site, so even disaster in your datacenter will not affect your backup storage, and you will be able to restore it if need be. It is an inexpensive solution that can be a simple backup copy of local storage, or if you need a complete site replication.

Inside each installed item (website, VM, SQL Server, etc.), there will be options that you can configure. It is user-friendly and provides user friendly options for data backup.

Migration to Office365

Office 365 is a line of subscription services offered by Microsoft as part of the Microsoft Office product line. Advanced improvements have been made, especially in the ease of using Office 365. Office 365 can be operated mobile and fixed anywhere without interruption, with the ability to work independently from the device and work with similar interfaces on every device. All plans are compatible with Office 2007, Office 2008 for Mac, Office 2010, and Office 2011 for Mac.

It has signaled a shift in the way those in business communicate with one another. No longer do users attach files to emails and send them to one another; now they simply share files quickly and easily. This has increased communication between colleagues and departments along with increased sharing of resources, and collaboration on work projects can improve productivity significantly.

Office 365 is centered on its solid hosting email solution, while also offering other solutions such as SharePoint. Collaboration tools such as Exchange Server, and Skype for Business are dedicated to streamline work.