ITE Corp. is very proud to be a main leader in encouraging and developing the wave of young talents in the field of IT.


ITE Corp. does so by providing a core Internship training program for fresh graduates called “The Readiness Program” (FG-RP). We realize that fresh graduates have the ability to grow and develop their talents with proper guidance, which ITE Corp. is more than willing to offer.


The FG-RP is a 24-week program designed for fresh graduates (FGs) giving them a head start to become professional technology specialists by developing their technical and soft skills. FG–RP helps FGs target specific technologies, allowing them to distinguish themselves by demonstrating knowledge and an adequate degree expertise in their specialization. The aim of the program is to advance IT professionals to be able to interact with today’s IT challenges and communicate effectively with outside organizations [Clients, Partners …]


The program consists of classroom study, self-study and hands-on practice, covering the following topics:

  • Computer systems concepts
  • Planning, designing, implementing and troubleshooting different computer systems
  • IT Business skills

Students will be instructed by Microsoft certified instructions throughout the entire program. Each student will receive a degree upon completion of the program. Students are also given transportation allowance to attend this 24-week training program.

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