ITE Corp


Over 30 Years ITE Corp. has built a very strong and diversified customer portfolio across the different industries, with a focus on the government, Oil & Gas, Banking, Industrial and consultants’ sector.

Our clients represent the leading corporates, businesses and governments in Egypt, most of them are retained clients with repeat business and projects.

Company’s solutions address the current and emerging business requirements of clients and their enterprise. Our solutions revolve around Microsoft technology and products. ITE Corp. has outstanding proven track records such as:
  • A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • Large Account Reseller (LAR)
  • A Certified Partner for Learning Solutions (CPLS)
  • Microsoft Service Provider Agreement Reseller (SPLAR)
  • Microsoft Licensing Solutions
  • Microsoft Assets Management (SAM) partner
  • A provider of IT consultancy services
  • ISO 9001 certified since 2008
Our Chairman Word In Memory of “Mohamed Sarhank”
ITE Corp was deeply saddened by the departure of Mohamed Sarhank, Chairman of ITE Corp. Yet, we continue to abide by his mentoring, and are constantly inspired by his words and actions. It is our honor to share with you his word:

Main Partner